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Although we're confident that there is little we can't do, we'd like to show you some of things which we can do. To that end, we've established this gallery of solutions for your perusal. As you browse, keep in mind that what follows is, at best, a minor sampling of the kinds of tools and applications we can create for you. If you don't see the solution you're seeking, get in touch with us and let us know what you want.

In order to experience the following samples fully, you will need to have either Mozilla, Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x or Netscape Navigator 7.

  • ChinaTour Limited shopping cart
    Whether you sell video tapes or trips around the world, e-commerce is taking off on the Internet. This simple example shows one basic way we can design a shopping experience for your products. We can even set you up with a secure, firewalled credit card processing system!
  • OceanWave Charter Tours
    Need a great all-around web site? We can combine marketing info with facts and figures, training materials, and the latest Web presentation technologies to get the job done for you.
  • Fully-Animated Web Site (requires Macromedia Flash player)
    Fortune 500 companies spend millions of dollars creating online playgrounds for their visitors. Animation, interactivity, sound, music, and special effects are guaranteed to attract and keep visitors at your site. Sure, this little example isn't a space age video game, but it will show you that we can bring YOUR space age video game-- or your eye-catching marketing materials-- to life! (And we won't break your bank account doing it!)
  • Online Business Tools
    Ever dream that your spreadsheets, databases or other business applications could run quickly and securely over the Internet? Your sales force could be completely integrated wherever in the world they roam. Your board could have real-time reports at their fingertips. This is no longer a dream-- come in and see how.
  • 100% Web-Available Applications
    Spreadsheets are notoriously huge files. When you send this data back and forth across the Internet, sometimes waiting for the file can take longer than dictating the figures over the phone would! This is a problem no longer, because The OPAL Group has created an exclusive technology designed to put your spreadsheets LIVE on the Internet using popular browsers like Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5. No plug-ins, no slow Java applets, this is pure Web!
  • The SelectORacle
    We noticed that a lot of people were having trouble understand a key area of an open Web standard, and realized that we could help them out by providing automated explanations in clear English text. So we did!
Digital Art

A sampling of what we have to offer.

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