a.k.a. DOM/CSS/ECMAscript Insanity

Kevin Jacobs
The OPAL Group

We have implemented some of the initial steps toward a DOM2/CSS2/ECMAscript spreadsheet implementation. It is currently called SpreadZilla, for lack of a better idea. It works in Mozilla, Netscape 6, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x for Windows. If you wish to use Netscape 6 or Mozilla, we recommend you download the newest build possible, as important layout and form bugs are being fixed every day (in fact, an important one landed on 12 January 2001). Currently, only a very basic spreadsheet user interface is implemented, and not much more.

Try it out!

Features currently in version 1.0:

The To-Do list for the 1.0 version:

Planned Feature list for version 2.0:

We'd like feedback. Lots of it. And maybe even some help with UI design, documentation, architecture, and implementation. Please forward this URL to browser developers, W3C members, hard-core web developers and anyone else you think could contribute. Please DO NOT distribute this URL to the general public yet (that means no posts to Slashdot and FreshMeat as well).