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Rural China Tour
Explore the countryside and experience the real China. Your guide will show you how the people live, work, and play in a variety of settings. Shop at a farmers' market, see rice farmers at work, and dine on freshly harvested lotus blossoms. All the flavors of the true China await. $599
4 days
Buddhist Grottoes Trip
Centuries old and beautiful beyond description, the Buddhist grottoes of Dazu are one of the few cultural relics to survive to modern times. Marvel at the workmanship and faith which helped make these grottoes into true works of art. There will also be a short trip into the countryside. $199
2 days
Yangtze Cruise
Famed for its length and ferocity, the Yangtze dominates China like no other river. During our six-day cruise, you will see the spectacular Three Gorges as well as the Three Gorges Dam project, many ancient villages, the Lesser Gorges on the Danang River, the ghost city of Fengdu, and so much more. Come see the river before it is changed forever! $1599
7 days
Beijing Tour
The capital of China is a never-ending parade of paradox and delight. Beijing contains the famous Forbidden City, the amazing Summer Palace, and many temples to explore. We will also visit the ancient hutong section of the city, with its narrow winding streets; and the Great Wall of China, the only man-made structure visible from Earth orbit. $799
4 days
Experience Hong Kong
The shining jewel of the new China, Hong Kong is a city steeped in equal parts commerce and mystery. During your stay here you will visit a street market, cruise the harbor on the last remaining Chinese junk, eat at a floating gourmet restaurant, and climb Mount Victoria for a breathtaking view of the city. $599
3 days

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