English & Spanish translations of CSS2 and CSS3 selectors

Ever wondered what a particularly complex CSS selector really means? Here's your chance to find out! Simply enter one or more semi-colon separated selectors or rulesets into the following "Direct Input" area, or provide the URL of a stylesheet in the "URL Input" area. Best of all, the SelectORacle will flag potential errors and other problems, and it won't choke on any actual rules. You've always wanted to know what makes those line-noise posers tick-- now you can.

Direct Input

URL Input

(will accept either HTML documents with embedded stylesheets or external stylesheets which are returned with content-type text/css or text/plain)


Current notes and limitations



Potential expansion

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Coding and expertise: Kevin Jacobs
Idea and styling: Eric Meyer
Massive bug squashing: Ian Hickson
Special thanks to: John Aycock
Inspired by a comment made by: Murray Summers
Spanish Translation: Favio Manriquez Leon
(though all mistakes are mine alone)