English and Spanish translations of CSS3 selectors

The subtitle says "English and Spanish translations of CSS3 selectors" but we'd like to make the service even more global. We're looking for interested parties who are fluent in English and at least one other language who can provide us with translations of the text we use to explain CSS selectors. This is a fairly simple job for CSS2 selectors: there are about 40 short text fragements and terms which need to be transslated. (We don't know how easy it will be to preserve tense and so forth, but if there aren't any major barriers it should be a quick translation job.) However, CSS3 selectors are much more involved and require a fair amount of work to build a translation.

If you're interested in helping us become more globally aware, please e-mail He'll send you a file which contains the English text which needs to be translated, as well as some detailed instructions on what needs to be done and how it may be accomplished. Once we get the translated text back from you, we'll plug it into our tables, add it as an option to the system, and add your name to the credits!

Why are we looking for volunteers? Well, it's easier to emulate the open source communtiy here than to try to do it on our own: we're better off asking local experts to do what they do well, rather than do a half-baked job on our own. But there's also a more practical reason, which is our personal linguistic limitations. As someone once said:

"A person who speaks many languages is called a polyglot. A person who speaks two languages is called bilingual. A person who speaks only one language is called an American."