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The following tools are examples of business tools that can turn your paper-bound corporation into a true Virtual Company. We are happy to say that we can integrate our systems with our clients' existing systems in most cases, eliminating the need to completely overhaul a corporate IT infrastructure when going live on the Internet. So whether you're an Oracle®, Sybase®, Dynamics®, or other Enterprise data system user, or a small business just breaking away from QuickBooks® or Peachtree®, we can make your existing systems speak Web, or ease the transition to your next major platform.

  • Example product reporting system
    This system generates live reports showing real-time data about how your business is functioning. In this case, our sample company is providing status information on all open orders, including the customer information and all vital event dates. Clicking on a PO number brings up specific details about that order. Once again, in Real Life, this system is provided in a high-security atmosphere, keeping hackers, and your competitors, out of your vital data.

    We also provide tools to create printer-friendly and PDF versions of our web reports that can be viewed or e-mailed to their recipients, making costly and time consuming faxes unnecessary!

  • Spreadsheet to Web Conversions
    Does your company, or a company you deal with, rely on spreadsheets such as Lotus 123® or Microsoft Excel® to organize and manipulate data? If so, you probably know how difficult it is to integrate data from multiple spreadsheets into a single easy-to-read report. Even worse, if the spreadsheet is from a remote user, HUGE spreadsheet files need to be mailed back-and-forth to get all of the data you need.

    Not any more! Our innovative new systems can condense the vital data in your spreadsheets down to a tiny package -- often less than 1/100th of the size of the original spreadsheet -- and then send that package through the web to be unpacked on the other side. We can then re-create the spreadsheet for you, or better yet, turn the data into a web recreation for viewing, or insert that data into a Database system to be analyzed and used later.

Digital Art

A sampling of what we have to offer.

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