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Specific Order Detailing

Thanks to the magic of the Web, any report can have any number of links on it pointing to more and more specific data. In this case, all of the PO numbers linked to a sheet such as the one below -- a detailed order report.

However, this is by no means the end of the line! You could click on a Market name to get a market sales summary, a shipping location to get a logistics status report, a date to see all activity scheduled for that day, and much much more. There is no limit to the amount of data that we can organize for you, and remember, it's all Real-Time so you're always up-to-date on how your business is performing.
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A sampling of what we have to offer.

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Single Order Detail

Customer Name: Custco   Market: Total US - National
Customer P.O. Number: 1751220306   Order Status: On Order
CGF Invoice Number:   Shipped From: Warehouse
Chiquita Sales Order Number: n/a   Sequence Number: 2399
Customer Purchase Order Date: 2000-12-26   Date Received: 2000-12-28
Date Sent To Shipping Location: 2000-12-28   Requested Delivery Date: 2001-01-02
Projected Ship Date: 2000-12-28   Projected Arrival Date: 2001-01-02
Actual Ship Date:   Actual Arrival Date:
Date Invoiced:   Payment Received Date:
Freight Company: Unknown Freight Company   Pro Number:
Freight Accrual: $1,530.21   Freight Vouchered: $0.00
Total Invoice Before Allowances $42,240.00   3% Royalty: $1,241.86
Projected 2% Discounts: $-844.80   Adjustments: $0.00
Price Adjustments: $0.00   Adjustments: $0.00
Returns And Damages: $0.00   Adjustments: $0.00
Other +/-: $0.00   Royalty Paid: $0.00
Royalty Basis: $41,395.20   Difference: $1,241.86
Broker Name: Brokers of America - NY   Projected Or Actual: Actual
Off Invoice Deal Deductions: $0.00   Double Brokerage Applicable?: No
Free Goods: $0.00   Trade Spending Market Reassignment: $0.00
Dead Deductions Not Reflected: $0.00   Sales Not Subject To Incentive: $0.00
Other MDF Deductions: $0.00   Total Broker Commissions Paid: $0.00
Performance Penalty Deductions: $0.00   Non-Broker Deductions: $0.00
Features / Ads: $0.00   Slotting Deductions: $0.00
Coupon Deductions: $0.00   Features Market Reassignment: $0.00
      Cash Receipts: $41,395.20
12-pack Case Equivalent - 6-pack     3200 Total Cases On Order
Total Cases Shipped: 3,200 Total Cases Cut: 0

Order went through without problems.
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