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Spreadsheet-to-Web and Spreadsheet-to-Database Systems

How can you collect data from clients, brokers, manufacturers, and other companies you deal with in spreadsheet formats without accumulating HUGE amounts of data? Well, more than 75% of an average spreadsheet's size is consumed by its design elements. When you receive it, you'll likely extract the data into another spreadsheet or data system to be analyized, right? So there's no need to suffer the overhead of sending huge spreadsheet files across the Internet.

Our data systems can take most common spreadsheet formats, including Microsoft Excel® and Lotus 123® and translate them into platform-independent data files that can be formatted for display on the Web, entry into a relational database, or restructured back into any spreadsheet application. Check out the example below:

The original spreadsheet:

This spreadsheet was in Microsoft Excel® format and was approximately 700 Kb in size.

The OPAL Group provided code in Excel's native Visual Basic language, and allowed the client to place a button, like the one seen to the right, on each spreadsheet they use. When the button is clicked, our "smart" processor strips the data out of the spreadsheet into a platform-independant format, encrypts it, and sends it through the network to a central Web server where it is authenticated, verified, and then formatted for display or database storage.

Size of data sent across the Internet: 1.54 Kb!!!
That's a reduction of 99.9978% for this small amount of "real" data! Most spreadsheets will see reductions of more than 75%.

The companies you deal with will LOVE the convenience of sending data in their native spreadsheet formats, rather than entering and re-entering data several times in multiple systems! Now, all of your applications can talk to all of their applications.

This is a very simple example with only 2 data rows and some top-level summary information, but this system can easily handle systems with thousands of rows, and Megabytes of raw data. The results of those operations are seen below.

Digital Art

A sampling of what we have to offer.

Your Company, LLC
Financial Reporting Area

Market plan last updated on: 01/03/2001
Plan reflects budget period: FY01

  Projected Actual
Customer Description Order Dates
Ship Dates
Type Perf. Pay $/Cs Lump   Vol. Cost $/Cs   Vol. Cost $/Cs
Bob's Store Testing event 1 12/02/2000-01/02/2001
TPR Picture Chk. $2.25 $1000.00  2200 $5,950.00 $2.70  2150 $5,837.50 $2.72
Downtown Grocery Major Discount 04/02/2001-04/30/2001
Display Tear Sheet Chk. $1.49 $1200.00  12200 $19,378.00 $1.59  14322 $22,539.78 $1.57
Totals  14,400$25,328.00$1.76 16,472$28,377.28$1.72
*** = Data Missing on original spreadsheet!

Summary Information:

Based upon a forecast of 73,463 cases at $2.55 per case.

Budget for FY01 as per YourCo: $187,330.65                 Projected Cases this Period: 14,400
Funds allocated by above plan: $25,328.00                 Actual Cases this Period: 16,472
Projected budget remaining to date: $162,002.65                 Actual spent this period: $28,377.28
Actual budget remaining to date:
                Effective Rate/Case thus far: $1.72
(84.85% of original)

StARchive Storage and Analysis System
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